Given a gam model this convenience function returns a ggplot2 object depicting 2d smooth terms specified in the model as heat/contour plots. If more than one 2d smooth term is present individual terms are faceted.

gg_tensor(x, ci = FALSE, ...)



a fitted gam object as produced by gam().


A logical value indicating whether confidence intervals should be calculated and returned. Defaults to TRUE.


Further arguments passed to plot.gam

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g <- mgcv::gam(Sepal.Length ~ te(Sepal.Width, Petal.Length), data=iris)
#> Warning: Removed 647 rows containing non-finite values (`stat_contour()`).

gg_tensor(g, ci=TRUE)
#> Warning: Removed 1941 rows containing non-finite values (`stat_contour()`).

gg_tensor(update(g, .~. + te(Petal.Width, Petal.Length)))
#> Warning: Removed 1624 rows containing non-finite values (`stat_contour()`).
#> Warning: Raster pixels are placed at uneven horizontal intervals and will be shifted
#>  Consider using `geom_tile()` instead.